Friday, March 23, 2012

Get engaged in Startups: Present, Invest, participate in the Seattle Angel Conference

Apply to participate - Deadline is April 2nd. :

Participate in the startup ecosystem. Pitch your company to investors and get feedback and meaningful due diligence. Be an investor and as a group decide where to invest your fund dollars. Learn about due diligence and investment term sheets as a participant at the conference. 

Apply to participate - Application Deadline is April 2nd:

The Seattle Angel Conference is an investor driven event, which helps to grow the early part of the startup ecosystem. One of the ways to grow more successful startup businesses in the region is to have more people investing in more good startups. The Angel Conference draws together people who are interested in learning more about Investing in startups with the startups who are looking for investment. 

At the event, Come hear Dave Hersh from Jive Software tell his Entrepreneurial story. Listen to Rob Wiltbank from Willamette University and Montlake Capital present research about the success of Angel Investing. See six finalists present their companies and hear from the due diligence teams how they see the companies. 

But the most interesting part of the event happens in the 8 weeks before the conference event, with the weekly due diligence meetings between the Investors and the presenting companies. To get the deepest value from this event, participate as an investor or as a applying company. 

All of the companies that apply will be listed in the event booklet and will be able to attend the event. They will get get feedback on their idea and will be connected to resources to help move them forward. 

Apply to participate - Deadline is April 2nd. :

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