Thursday, May 22, 2014

Startup Discuss.IO is Winner of Fifth Seattle Angel Conference Investment Competition


Startup Discuss.IO is Winner of  Fifth
Seattle Angel Conference Investment Competition

Winner receives $155,000 Investment, 33Angel Investors
gain hands on investment training.

SEATTLE, WA. – May 22, 2014 — The Seattle Angel Conference announced today that Discuss IO was selected as the winner of its fifth investment competition, held in Seattle, WA,  at the 220 and Change in Seattle .   Discuss.IO is a Seattle based company that has been building their market research platform for years. They had participated in SAC IV in Nov. 2013, and fell short in their goal to win the investment.  This round they showed their growth, ability to meet their commitments, and solid sales traction, which impressed the investors.  Discuss.IO’s mission is to simplify consumer market research. They use video conferencing and crowdsourcing to connect brands and consumers.  Discuss.IO  will receive a $155,000 angel award investment from the Seattle Angel Conference V LLC .  Given the strength of the candidates, the Angel Investors couldn’t let it stop with one winner.  SocialGlimpz, another brand marketing company, focused on visual engagement with consumers won a second investment of $45,000 from the LLC.

This event’s finalist companies were selected from over 40 companies based throughout Washington that applied to compete at the fifth Seattle Angel Conference. A rigorous selection process (known as due diligence) was undertaken by the 33 active angel investors to select the winning company. Thirty to Fifty hours of investigation was performed on each finalist, amounting to over 240 hours of due diligence.   In the process 15 new Angel Investors were introduced to the investing process. Each investor staked $5,500  to $10,000 to create the  $200,000 investment award for this year’s event.  This rounds investment brings the total investment from the Seattle Angel Conference to a remarkable $835,000  invested in the local economy and over 100 investors educated about angel investing in just 2.5 years of the Seattle Angel Conference.

“The Seattle Angel Conference is all about giving new angel investors mentoring, training and experience, growing the available support and capital for Washington’s many startups, removing a key bottleneck for the economy,” said John Sechrest, founder of the Seattle Angel Conference.   “At the same time, we are helping promising startups improve their business models with support and feedback from successful investors”.

The five  finalists who pitched were:
Grow Plastics – @growplastics Enabling replacement of  solid  plastic products with half as much bioplastic, providing greener and cheaper solutions.
Meshfire - @meshfire   a social media empowerment platform enabling teams to manage the firehose flow of social media for brands.
Discuss.IO - @discuss_IO –simplifying consumer market research, using video conferencing and crowdsourcing  to connect businesses to 11 million panelists
SocialGlimpz - @socialglimpz  -Visual engagement platform enabling brands to gather consumer insights and create user generated content
Zealyst - @Zealyst using data driving software and creative design to build long lasting human relationships and improve engagement and innovation.

Participating companies received awards of a month at Maker Space.   BakerHostetler, Comcast for Business, AterWynne, The Gateway group at Morgan Stanley and SeedInvest also provided sponsorship, making the conference possible.  HubSeattle, SurfIncubator, Thinkspace and Bainbridge Graduate institute provided invaluable in-kind support.

The next Seattle Angel Conference will be held in November 2014.  All Washington startups and interested investors should inquire in June about participating in the next round of educational events, trainings, and competition.  Deadline for applications will be September 1, 2014.

About the Seattle Angel Conference
Each Seattle Angel Conference culminates a 5 month program to educate and train accredited investors as exemplary angel investors through workshops, hands-on practice and mentoring.  The Seattle Angel Conference is an investor driven conference, connecting new angel investors with early stage and seed businesses  in the Greater Seattle Area.  The Seattle Angel Conference introduces qualified investors to the potential, process and rewards of angel investing, and equally importantly, works to encourage, accelerate and coach startup companies in the Seattle areas and across the Northwest. For more information see 


John Sechrest
Seattle Angel Conference
c: 541 250 0844


SAC V Finalists, Due Diligence and Sponsors!

Finalists and Due Diligence!

The Investors in the LLC (all 20 of them) have chosen the finalists for the May Event.  They have formed due diligence teams, and are working with the selected few companies to really vet the teams, business structures, goals, markets, customers and financials. This is where a huge amount of the learning takes place, both by the Angels and by the Entrepreneurs.

Experienced Angel Investors lead  the due diligence teams, and help the Entrepreneurs build up their portfolio of information on Gust, which will serve them well for all rounds of future investment.  New Angel investors participate in the interviews and process, learning about due diligence by shadowing, doing, and team meetings to review the process and ask further questions

So Who Are the Finalists?

We can't say... due to The Jobs Act and rule  506c, we do not want to risk putting any of our entering teams inadvertently into a perceived "public solicitation".  

So in a preponderance of caution, we  aren't releasing finalists names this year until the actual event. So if you want to know the finalists and hear them share their business strategies, come to the Seattle Angel Conference On May 22nd!


All volunteer organizations need sponsors, and we love ours!

Thank you to our latest sponsors for Seattle Angel Conference

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gearing up for SAC IV in November

Events Underway for Nov, 2013 SAC IV.

Do you want to learn more about Angel Investing?
Do you want to learn how to get funded by Angels?

Come to our Free Educational Meetings:
Bill Carleton
Joe Wallin
Rudy Gadre
TA McCann
Greg Gottesmann
Tolis Dimopolous

If you know of a startup who would benefit from a deep due diligence dive, connections to some new Angel investors and a chance at having an investment of $100K+, please share this URL with them:

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gearing up for the next Seattle Angel Conference in May

This week, we held a review and debrief of the December 2012  Angel Conference. Out of our review the tenative date for the next event was selected. We are working now to confirm some of the logistics for running the next Seattle Angel Conference in May, 2012. 

Our tenative date is May 9th,2013 - with some assumptions based on logistics.

We have put up the registration for the event at

If you know of a startup who would benefit from a deep due diligence dive, connections to some new Angel investors and a chance at having an investment of $100K+, please share this URL with them:

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Exo Labs Winner of 2nd Seattle Angel Conference December 2012 Investment Competition

Exo Labs Receives $100,000 Investment

SEATTLE, WA. – Dec 13, 2012 — The Seattle Angel Conference announced today that Exo Labs was selected as the winner of its second investment competition, held in Seattle, WA  at the HUB, a co-working and event space. The Bellevue-based Company makes iPad and iPhone microscopes for science education and beyond, making life easier for teachers and researchers. The Exo Labs Digital Microscope is targeted at K-12 education, providing a quick integration into existing curriculum, and allowing remote sharing of live microscopic images.  

Exo Labs will receive the $100,000 angel award investment prize.  Talk to the Manager, a startup focused on providing a customer service tool that allows managers to receive and respond to immediate, anonymous customer feedback via text messages won the "People's Choice Award", as the winner of audience balloting for the best business presentation.

"We are excited to bring a spotlight on the breadth and depth of Washington startups, and to expose these entrepreneurs to new and experienced angel investors from around the Pacific Northwest," said John Sechrest, founder of the Seattle Angel Conference.   "The quality of the business plans, and the strong support from the investor community show how vibrant the entrepreneurial economy is here.  We are excited to be providing a venue for Angels to develop their skills, and at the same time, help promising startups find their own angel investors .

This year's finalist companies were selected from over 30 companies based throughout Washington that applied to compete at the second Seattle Angel Conference. A rigorous selection process was undertaken by the 20+ member panel of active angel investors to select the winning company. Each investor staked $5,000 to create the $100,000 investment award for this year's event. This was the second Seattle Angel Conference, and the event has shown strong growth in participation, investment, and innovation.   The next Seattle Angel Conference will be held in April. 

About the Seattle Angel Conference

The Seattle Angel Conference is an investors conference, connecting early stage and seed businesses with angel and venture investors in the Seattle Area. Their mission is to encourage, accelerate and showcase startup companies in the Seattle areas and across Washington, and equally importantly, to introduce qualified investors to the potential, process and rewards of Angel Investing

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Announcing the Seattle Angel Conference Finalists

We are happy to announce the finalists for the next round of investment. 

The Six Finalists are:
  • Corengi 
  • Redpoint International
  • Exo Labs
  • Suncrest Farms
  • Talk to the Manager
We had 36 companies  apply to the Seattle Angel Conference.  After eight weeks of pitches, coaching sessions, reviews, selections and due diligence, these six companies remain as the finalists. 

Here are more details about the companies:

Corengi  - -  @corengi

Re-inventing how people learn about and connect with clinical trials - an industry that spends $14 billion annually on recruitment.

Corengi has a matching engine to help patients find clinical trials that is available both on a dedicated website and via a widget. This simple service provides referrals to trial sponsors and new revenue for health-related websites. Initial focus is on lead-generation – referrals for clinical trial sponsors, CRO's and investigative sites. In the future, our technology and data will be leveraged to help trial sponsors plan trials.

Redpoint International - 

REDpoint's patent pending and FDA cleared medical devices provide the most effective solution to a $1B globally recognized problem.
Over 300M domestic IVs are placed annually. If secured by tape, 92% of IV catheters fail to survive the expected 96 hrs. dwell time. IV adhesives cause skin reactions on 34% of patients. 70% of IV failures requiring restarts result from catheter movement. REDpoint's Stedline is adhesive free and prevents IV failures as it absorbs over 10 times the amount of pull on the IV lines as compared to all other leading commercial means of stabilization. - - @writerlytweets is a marketplace of independent publishing services that connects writers with the vendors they need to get their books to market.
The marketplace connects writers directly with the vendors they need throughout the self-publishing process. Writers post biddable service requests on to find copy editors, designers, ebook specialists, marketers, etc. Most self-published books fall short of the author's sales goals. solves this problem by enabling writers to create customized publishing support teams throughout the publishing and marketing process.

Suncrest Farms - 


SUNCREST™ is a Seattle-based clean tech company that uses advanced hydroponic "pond" technology to grow premium-quality lettuce in local, commercial-scale greenhouses 365 days/yr within 100 miles of urban centers across the U.S. — Whole Foods calls "Local" the new organic and it is the fastest-growing segment in the $1.2B Romaine/Leaf Lettuce Market. The problem is supply — because 98% of all US lettuce is shipped from CA, AZ, and Mexico.

Exo Labs - - @exolabs 

Exo Labs makes iPad and iPhone microscopes for science education and beyond.

Our iPad and iPhone microscopes make life easier for teachers by immediately integrating into existing curriculum, optimizing use of class time, and allowing users to take the classroom anywhere. Because of the exponential growth of iPads in education, we are initially targeting customers in the education and science/engineering markets; then we will expand our market targets to include hobbyists and technology enthusiasts.

Talk to the manager - - @talktothemanagr  

We provide a customer service tool that allows managers to receive and respond to immediate, anonymous customer feedback via text message.

Customers provide realtime, actionable feedback to management staff by anonymous text message. Management then responds, resolving issues before customers leave. This form of preventative reputation management improves the business' online character and boosts their positive social media reach. Analytics generated lead to operational improvements reducing costs, customer turnover, and provide a seamless marketing solution creating brand loyalty.

Wade Brooks Speaking at Seattle Angel Conference

Wade is the Executive Director of the Willamette University Angel Investment Fund, the first and only graduate school angel fund program of its kind. Wade co-founded this program with Rob Wiltbank, PhD and it provides experiential learning for MBA students in effectuation, due diligence and seed-level investing. It was ranked by Inc. Magazine as one of the "Top 10 Best Entrepreneurship Courses of 2011," alongside classes at Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
In addition to the Angel Fund, Wade teaches courses in entrepreneurship, new venture launch and venture investing at the Willamette University Atkinson Graduate School of Management. He also serves on the board of private companies. While he has taught corporate finance and capstone courses, entrepreneurship remains his passion.
When I founded the Willamette Angel Conference, we were lucky to have interest from the Willamette MBA Angel Fund. We had two students representing the Angel Fund work along side each of the investors in the Conference Investor LLC. They had made an actual investment into Conference and participated fully in the process. The investment discussions were definately better off having the MBA students engaging in the process.
Come learn more about the Willamette MBA Angel Fund and the returns of Angel Investors overall. Wade will be the Capstone Speaker at the Seattle Angel Conference on December 13, 2012