Thursday, May 22, 2014

SAC V Finalists, Due Diligence and Sponsors!

Finalists and Due Diligence!

The Investors in the LLC (all 20 of them) have chosen the finalists for the May Event.  They have formed due diligence teams, and are working with the selected few companies to really vet the teams, business structures, goals, markets, customers and financials. This is where a huge amount of the learning takes place, both by the Angels and by the Entrepreneurs.

Experienced Angel Investors lead  the due diligence teams, and help the Entrepreneurs build up their portfolio of information on Gust, which will serve them well for all rounds of future investment.  New Angel investors participate in the interviews and process, learning about due diligence by shadowing, doing, and team meetings to review the process and ask further questions

So Who Are the Finalists?

We can't say... due to The Jobs Act and rule  506c, we do not want to risk putting any of our entering teams inadvertently into a perceived "public solicitation".  

So in a preponderance of caution, we  aren't releasing finalists names this year until the actual event. So if you want to know the finalists and hear them share their business strategies, come to the Seattle Angel Conference On May 22nd!


All volunteer organizations need sponsors, and we love ours!

Thank you to our latest sponsors for Seattle Angel Conference

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