Monday, January 18, 2016

Meet Susan Preston

Years involved in the startup community

Currently, I am the managing member for the Seattle Angel Fund (focused on PNW Start-ups), co-managing member for the Element 8 Angel Fund (focused on early-stage clean tech companies), Buerk Endowed Fellow for Entrepreneurship at the U of W (teaching a year-long class on angel investing in the MBA program), General Partner for the CALCEF Clean Energy Fund (in Bay area), Co-Chair of the Angel Resource Institute (Publisher of the HALO report and leading educational foundation for angel investors, and Chair of Women First Enterprise (Program of ARI). I frequently speak on panels at events in the greater Seattle area and beyond. I frequently meet with entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, etc., related to early-stage investing and thoroughly enjoy it all.

Notable companies you’ve worked with

Right now, through the investments by Seattle Angel Fund, I am working with Aqueduct and C-sats. I am also working with Alphabet Energy through the CALCEF Clean Energy Fund.

Three things you're most excited about in the Northwest today and for tomorrow

There seems to be a real excitement and determination to re-build our investment horsepower. When I left for the Bay Area nine years ago, we had several Bay-Area based VC funds with offices in the Seattle-area. When I returned 2+ years ago, all of them had left. There seems to be most recently, a growing awareness and understanding that we must rebuild our investment community to support all the great PNW companies. I am excited to be part of the journey.I have been working at or with start-up companies in the Northwest since the early 90’s, with the position of General Counsel at early-stage biotech companies. As a partner at Cooley Godward starting in 1999, my participation broadened. This was also the year I began speaking with women colleagues about starting an all-women’s angel investment group. Seraph Capital Forum was launched with the help of other highly engaged women like Janis Machala. I continued to be extremely involved in all aspects of the start-up community until my move to the bay area in 2007 to start a seed-stage clean energy venture fund. I returned to the Seattle area in 2013 and am delighted to be back and fully re-engaged.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Introducing Seattle Angel Office Hours

Want more win in 2016?

Come work with some of the Seattle Angel community's investors and entrepreneurs. We have times available every week. Register here.

...Wait, every week?

Yes and even though we're starting with just one session every week, we'll soon be adding more than a single session per week. We're also splitting our time between Seattle and Bellevue to make it easier to connect.

Entrepreneurs - do you want to meet and discuss your fundraising strategy, your business or financial model, your go to market strategy, or want to know if your a good fit for angel or venture capital?

Investors - do you want to chat more about how you can get involved with angel investing, what the different angel groups in the Northwest are and how you can engage with them, or how you can be successful investing outside of an angel group?

How do you sign up? Register here.

Office Hours are weekly and offer you the opportunity to connect with angel investors 1:1. The investors include Brad Carpenter, Geoff Harris, John Sechrest, Keith Laepple, Susan Preston, Josh Maher, and Ryan Porter.

The time and locations vary by week to enable more people to connect.

  • First Monday of the month - WeWork @9:30AM
  • First Wednesday of the month - Startup Hall @9AM
  • Second Thursday of the month - Impact HUB Bellevue @11AM
  • Third Monday of the month - SURF @2PM
  • Fourth Thursday of the month - Impact HUB Bellevue @9AM

If you haven't signed up yet, you can Register here.